Rajasthani Sabad Kosh
Publication of Rajasthani Sabad Kosh

Rajasthani is a rich language and the need of a comprehensive Dictionary was desperately felt. This would facilitate not only the study in Rajasthani language but also of several languages in the Indo-European languages. Renowned linguist and lexicographer Sita Ram Lalas devoted 40 years of yeoman service in the compilation of this glorious work. His efforts were supported by Shri Uday Raj Ujjwal and Pt. Nitya Nand Dadheech. The task of publication of the Rajasthani Sabad-Kosh was taken up by Rajasthani Shodh Sansthan with the inspiration of the then chairperson of the Education Committee Shri Bheron Singh ji Khejadla and Secretary Shri Vijay Singh ji Siriyari. The first volume of the Sabad-Kosh with a long preface by Sansthan's Director Dr. Narayan Singh Bhati was published in 1962. The volume was acclaimed as a significant academic work by Indian as well as foreign scholars. The volume included two hundred thousand (2 lakh) words. Rajasthan Government and the Government of India generously funded this project of Chopasni Shiksha Samiti and the sub-committee appointed by it utilized all resources available and the contribution of former secretary Col. Thakur (Late) Shyam Singhji has to be brought on record. The sabad-kos was published in nine volumes.

This Sabad-Kosh merits distinction in including thousands of words with examples from literature, dialects, sub-dialects, religion, philosophy, vedic wisdom, astrology and agriculture. Etymologies of each entry and its formations have been traced. An improved version of the sabad-kosh has been revised, edited and published. Besides this, Dr. Saddique Mohammad has edited Muhavra-Kosh (An encyclopedia of proverbs) Sankshipta Rajasthani, Hindi sabad-kosh (A concised Dictionary of Rajasthani) and Rajasthani-Hindi Arthik and Vyaparik sabad-kosh (A Rjasthani Hindi Dictionary of Economic and commercial terms). These have been published. Presently the Rajasthani sabad-kosh bureau is preparing Rajasthani Sanskriti-kosh (A dictionary of Rajasthani Culture) which is expected to be ready for publication soon.